Summer in Evanston

We don’t like to play favorites when it comes to the seasons, but the summertime makes it impossible to resist falling in love with Evanston. This is prime time for exploring our great outdoors, catching an exciting festival, and getting your adrenaline pumping with our numerous activities.

Summer Weather in Evanston WY

Bring on the heat! Our summers are warm and sunny, with average daily temperatures around 75 degrees. July is the hottest month of the summer when temperatures average about 80 degrees. We don’t get massive amounts of rain this time of year, but the occasional thunderstorm might roll through, so bring your raincoat!

Things to Do in Evanston in the Summer

An action-packed summer season awaits you in Evanston. Don’t miss out on these epic activities:

Try Paddle Boarding on Bear Pond.

Bear Pond is the ultimate place to take a dip and cool off on a sweltering summer day. These calm waters are perfect for river kayaking, paddle boarding, and you can alternate between paddling and dipping your feet in the water all day long.

Go for 18 holes at Purple Sage Golf Course.

Whether you’re a golf newbie or a seasoned pro, Purple Sage Golf Course is a stellar place to spend a day enjoying the sunshine. Tee off while you catch gorgeous views of Evanston’s surrounding nature.

Cruise through Bear River Greenway.

As one of our quintessential summertime spots, you can’t miss Bear River Greenway when you come to Evanston. Here you’ll find over 16 miles of trails, which run right through downtown and branch out into nature. Hike, bike, and explore all day long! Here you’ll find many places to relax and connect with nature, like Bear Meadow and Bear River Pond. Choose your adventure, and you’ll never want to leave.

Hike through Bear River State Park.

If you haven’t noticed, we absolutely love the rugged outdoors here in Evanston. Our beloved Bear River State Park is our crown jewel of nature-filled Evanston parks, and it’s waiting for you to explore it. The park spans an impressive 324 acres and has miles and miles of hiking trails to enjoy. This is also one of the prime locations for spotting wildlife, so keep your eyes peeled for deer, rabbits, or maybe even an elk!

Where to Stay

Not sure where to rest your head for the night after all those exciting adventures? We’ve got you covered with the best Evanston, Wyoming hotels. A crowd favorite is Prairie Inn, which offers guests a quintessential Western experience and is known for its superb hospitality. If you’re looking for something more high-end, check out Hampton Inn, which has more robust offerings.

Another incredible way to soak up the summer in Evanston is to camp at one of the nearby campgrounds. Phillips RV Park is perfect if you’re looking for a place for your RV or camper van. You can also find campgrounds like Bear River Campground or Stillwater Campground just across the Utah border, about 30-35 minutes from downtown Evanston.