About Us

The Evanston Lodging Tax Board is a Mayor-appointed citizen board comprising members from our lodging, tourism, and retail industries. As well as representatives from UCSD#1, the City of Evanston, and Uinta County. The board meets every third Monday of each month at 1:00 PM in City Hall (1200 Main Street). 

Purpose, Mission, Vision

The primary objective of this board is to stimulate the tourism economy in Evanston, Wyoming by optimizing the occupancy rates of hotel/motel rooms and RV spaces throughout the year. The Evanston market boasts approximately 1000 hotel rooms, which presents a significant opportunity to improve the area's tourism appeal and transform it into an attractive, convenient, and alluring destination, serving as the Gateway to the State. With tourism ranking as Wyoming's second-largest industry, contributing over $4.5 billion in revenue to the state's economy in 2022, Visit Evanston is firmly committed to enhancing the region's image and ensuring that it becomes a desirable and enjoyable place for visitors to explore.