Historic Sites & Museums

An antique town that prides and preserves its heritage, Evanston is full of historic charm. From restored railroad facilities to immigrant-inspired exhibits, the tales of this town are told around every corner.

All Aboard The Evanston Express

First stop? It’s full steam ahead to the Roundhouse & Railyards! Back in 1868, the Union Pacific Railroad expanded into Evanston. Once construction was completed in 1871, it wasn’t long before this tiny town began to boom!

The Roundhouse & Railyards put Evanston on the map. But after the railroad passed its prime, it spent 30 years without train traffic. Take a pit stop at this restored railroad relic for photographs, a functioning turntable, and impressively preserved parts and pieces.

The last remaining roundhouse on this particular line, train lovers and history buffs alike won’t want to leave the station!

Head Down To The Depot

The Depot Square is the perfect place for soaking up the spirit of Evanston. Beautiful brick paths—surrounded by ornamental rocks, lush foliage, and attractive landscaping—are sprinkled with spots to sit, meditate, and picnic.

In the square stands the Beeman-Cashin Building, a former implement depot built in the 1880s. Just behind it is the Chinese Joss House Museum. This replica was erected in the 1990s, modeled after the original Joss House built in Evanston’s Chinatown in 1894 that burned down in 1922. Inside, discover the sacred stories of Chinese immigrants through archeological findings, historic photographs, and treasured artifacts.

Cross the gorgeous greens of the square to explore the Uinta County Museum, housed inside an old Carnegie library built in 1906. Architecture appreciators will revel in the structure’s classical revival architectural style—even the expansion echoes the original design! Walk through the doors and travel back in time, stepping into exhibits that showcase Native American life, pioneer settlers, world war memorabilia, and local discoveries.

Take A Stroll 

Dedicate an afternoon to the Downtown Evanston Historic District, where long-standing shops, offices, and churches line the streets. Tall, brick buildings and stone structures are plastered with aged, painted advertisements, adding an authentic vintage flair to the atmosphere.

Continue your stroll and gander at the grounds leading to the grand Uinta County Courthouse. Built in 1873, this classically constructed courthouse also acted as a government office, hotel, and even a prison. Rumor has it that old western outlaw, Butch Cassidy, served a stint there!

Around the corner, the St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church stands humbly, despite the design being based on an old church in Ireland. Sturdy stone architecture and simple wooden pews are brought to life by beautiful stained glass windows, inviting warmth and peace inside.

How will the stories of Evanston, Wyoming influence your own story?